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I understand there are various activities going on at the terminal to show our appreciation for our drivers, but I want to add my personal appreciation for all the hard work our drivers and the yard and decking folks that support them. This is my 46th year in the industry supporting drivers and especially supporting Teamster drivers. I have had a career thanks to your hard work. My job has been to tout the great job you folks do for our customers and to have some money left over for our investors. None of us can succeed without our drivers getting our customers’ trucks to the dealers, fleets and body companies.

It is especially heartwarming for me to see a Facebook post on one of our driver’s Facebook page. Allen, thank you for that and we are proud to have you as part of the Active USA team.

Bruce Jackson

Facebook Post
What we do

What we do

Active USA LLC and Active Canada Inc. transport trucks from manufacturers to dealerships and body companies throughout the United States and Canada.

Drive for us!

Drive for us!

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Drive for us!

Our Driver's Success!

Active USA’s Team consists of the most elite drivers in the industry today. Here are just a few of our Driver’s success stories and Million Mile club members.